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Top Things you must do in Spain

Bullfighting: it is an activity that is quite controversial but a regular thrill. The bullfighting dates back in time and remains to be alive in all of Spain. Most of the Spanish cities have the bullfights taking place during special time of the year but mostly in summer fiestas and also those in spring. You can however still catch the action during other times of the year from the Las Ventas in Madrid and Maestranza in Seville.

Cycling: it is an activity that cannot be missed in Spain. The numerous vias verdes make the perfect areas for cycling and so do the railway tracks which are scenic and have been converted into cycle paths. Mountain biking tracks and paths are in plenty and this is another activity that is taking deep root in Spain.

Fishing: Spain also has great spots from where you can enjoy fishing. The fact is that you can enjoy any type of fishing in the country thanks to the streams and the rivers of Pyrenees and also Picos de Europa. Freshwater casting can be enjoyed in these areas as well but you will have to get permits to enjoy the abundant trout fishing.

Flamenco: it is a dance and music event that is famed across the globe. Andalucía is the home to this song, dance and music and you will be moved by the passion. The main cities where the event is boiling are Jerez de la Frontera and Seville.

Chatting: it is an interesting activity that you can take part in while in most Spanish cities. This is because the academies in the cities offer the classes and you will be amazed at your expertise within a very short time. The classes can also come combined with home stays and cultural visits adding that rich experience to the whole affair.

Golfing: Spain is a popular golfing destination of the world. The major golfing destinations within the country are La Manga and Costa del Sol. The southern part of the country also hosts hundreds of golf courses and it is also here that you will find Europe’s finest and best championship course. Whether you are an expert or a beginner in the sport, you will most definitely find a course that suits all the needs that you have. There are tourists who even take golfing holidays in the country for the love of the sport.

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An Overview Of Gastronomy At The Canary Islands

One of the details that everyone should have in mind while arranging for a holiday is the food question. It is something that should be carefully thought out as a holiday experience with terrible food will never be a happy one. It is also good to visit a place which has some diversity so that you can easily choose especially in case you have some allergies and also if you will be travelling with children.

Spain is a place where you can expect some of the best dishes ever. It is not hard to find a good restaurant that will serve food that you are accustomed to. It is also a good thing to try out some of the new dishes on offer and who knows, you might find yourself enjoying something new so much.

In the Canary Islands, food is never a problem. The cuisines that you can expect here are a combination of Spanish dishes as well as Latin-American and African recipes. You are therefore bound to find some fascinating twists while in the area and it is advisable that you try out what is on offer. From nature, you can enjoy vegetables, fruits as well as fish recipes.

One of the dish that is popular on the islands is one called papas Arrugadas. This is basically some potatoes that are boiled in salty water without being peeled. The dish is served with Mojo picon which is a sauce of oil, chili, paprika and garlic. All the different chefs may have some extra additions to the sauces but keep them rather private. The sauces are perfect when with other dishes such as Mojo cochino. They are the best components to the main dishes.

Gofio is an old recipe which is quite traditional in the Canary Islands. The Guanches came up with the recipe. It was considered as a staple diet. It is basically made of flour that is ground by stone. The cereals are first roasted before they are ground. The cereals used include maize barley and wheat. You may find Gofio in many Canaria recipes. It may actually be added to ice cream, sauces, desserts, stews as well as soups. It may also be served with blood sausages as well as morcillas dulces. Raisins, almonds and sugar are other things that can be served with Gofio.

For those of us who love fish, the area is filled with them and is very tasty too. Recipes involving fish include sancocho canario as well as caldereta. International recipes and sea food are also readily available.

There are also vegetarian dishes as well as lots of fruits.

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A Guide To All Inclusive Holidays In Spain

In the current world, all inclusive holidays have become very popular as they are more economical than the normal holidays. The all inclusive holidays actually had their origin in Spain. The all inclusive holiday package is able to take care of all the holiday details as well as all the issues that you may have.

Spain is a country which is truly blessed. The diversity of the land is to say the least. Spaniards are also very friendly people thus making the holiday all the more fulfilling. Spain is indeed a destination for all age groups as there is something for everyone.

The coastal regions were initially the most popular parts of Spain as they attracted a lot of people who came seeking for sun. The popularity of the land hasn’t lost touch as it is still highly celebrated and receives over 50 million tourists annually. The mainlands of Spain haven’t been left behind. There are so many places and things to see in the mainland areas that you will not even know where to start.

The best thing about taking a holiday to Spain is maybe because of the fair weather. This makes the country a destination of choice because of the favorable conditions. The Canary Islands in particular enjoy great weather all year round. The thing about an all inclusive holiday is the fact that you can be able to enjoy one even if you are on a budget. It is however even easier to have a luxury all inclusive holiday in Spain.

The all inclusive packages in most cases are able to quote all the necessary prices. The overall price may include flights, accommodation, food, as well as the excursions part. When you have all the details, you will easily be able to work within a budget and therefore be able to plan adequately. You will also be able to choose a package that is most convenient for you so as to be able to have the holiday that you have always wished for.

All inclusive holidays are organized by specific people meaning that you may have to go for excursions in groups. If this is the case, you will be in a great position to learn even faster as you will be surrounded by likeminded individuals.

All inclusive holidays in Spain include the tour guide fee. A tour guide will be your best companion throughout your tour especially if you are very new to the area. Do not be ashamed to ask question as it is the only way you will be able to get all the information that you may need.

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The Best Destinations In Spain

Spain is one of the most diverse countries in the world. This owes to the fact that it has a lot of resources. It also pays a great deal of attention to the tourism sector. It is therefore no wonder that Spain is growing in popularity in the tourism sector receiving more and more tourists every year. It has also made the destinations more accessible to all people despite of any disabilities.

The destinations that one may choose from are many and so choice may be a bit tricky. It is therefore important that you take some time to choose from the destinations available so as to get the best out of your tour in the country.

Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Spain. It is a great place to enjoy the nightlife as well as enjoy the best accommodation and restaurant facilities while there. The most delightful features of Barcelona are the great works of the architect Gaudi. There are also gourmet works that are spectacular. The history here covers some 2000 years while the waterfront location gives some of the best of Mediterranean.

The Balearic Islands are also a great choice. There are mountains in the region as well as the crystal coves. The famous Ibiza Island is a part of the Balearics and is a great party destination. The regions are also perfect for water sports as well as summer holidays. Marine explorations are also perfect in the region.

Granada is an area that was led by the Muslims for 800 years. This left an amazing mark in the region. The Alhambra magic is the dominant in the region. Muslim architecture is also dominant in the region.

San Sebastian is an old Basque city that lies on a beach that’s crescent shaped. The place has a lot of activity after nightfall.

The capital of Spain is Madrid and on its own, it is a great tourist destination. The location of the city makes it the best place to communicate with the rest of Spain. The place has many art museums, grand boulevards as well as an incredibly outrageous nightlife. You will never have a disappointing moment in Madrid.

For anyone who loves skiing, the Pyrenees are the best places. They are mountain chains that are nothing but majestic. The mountains are like the separator between France and Spain. The region has some of the most beautiful medieval villages and it is where one may experience the old Spain. The mountain peaks are snow caped making them perfect for mountain skiing.

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More than Ordinary with Frigiliana Holidays

Frigiliana is just a quaint Spanish village to many locals and tourists but it has a host of delightful attractions. It is located only 5 km from Nerja; hence, it is easy to get to with the local transportation. Frigiliana can be an ideal resort town especially for tourists who are favorable to day excursions.


Frigiliana is located at the foothills of Almijara Mountain. It is easily accessible via Malaga airport. This quaint Spanish village is voted as the region’s prettiest towns with a picturesque mountainous view and green valleys leading to the Mediterranean. The beautiful natural landscape insists that one must explore the beauty on foot to appreciate its picturesque surroundings.

The village is set up as a typical Andalusian village with narrow cobbled streets running through whitewashed houses decorated with seasonal flowers. There are only 2,000 residents at Frigiliana but there are plenty of bars, pubs and restaurants to appease the appetite of locals and tourists. Tasty local cuisine and tapas are easily available at affordable prices.

Local craft abounds with the availability of rugs, tiles, textiles, pottery, wines and ceramics from the local industries in the region.

Tourist attractions

Frigiliana may be a small Spanish village but it will not disappoint those who are looking for more than natural beauty. This ancient village is steep in history with plenty of archaeological findings discovered; some are dated as far back as 3,000 B.C.

The town’s heritage has been molded by the myriad of conquerors that came by; this includes the Phoenicians, Arabs, Romans and Christians. Many ancient historical monuments showcase the impact of each civilization.

Twelve ceramic plaques are displayed at the village’s street corners commemorating the historical battle between the local Moriscos and the Arabs in 1569. This was when the Christian army fought and won the battle on the region at the Rock of Frigiliana.

However, Moorish influence at the village is still very strong with the Moorish designs on many preserved buildings in and around the village. Renaissance styled churches and buildings also abound through the Christian Re-conquest era.

A 1767 Granary and Renaissance Palace have been transformed into a molasses-producing factory.


Frigiliana is turned from a sleepy hollow into a festive village with the myriad of festivals celebrated throughout the year. One of the more famous festivals is the bull running and bull fighting. Many tourists flock to Frigiliana on these celebrations for a keen participation or an active observation.

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